Our Full Care Stall Board includes large, spacious stalls with automatic waterers. All horses are provided daily turnout in our carefully tended pastures, ensuring quality grass for them to forage on. We are happy to feed our own supplemented feed or the owner provided feed twice daily with grass hay. No farrier? You're welcome to use our recommended veterinarian and farrier with no extra fees if we need to hold for you.

We love your horse, like you love your horse.

Full Care Stall Board

We off riding lessons in both English and Western disciplines, and have both gaited and non-gaited horses to choose from.

Not sure which discipline you are interested in? Not a problem. Our instructors are happy to give you an introduction to the different riding styles to determine what you like. We offer affordable lessons in 30 minute or 1 hour intervals to fit both your schedule and wallet.

Riding Lessons

Horse Handling and Care Education

Ever wondered what it takes to care for a horse or wanted to get comfortable being around horses before investing in riding lessons or purchasing your own horse?

Creekside Stables is here to help. We offer 1 hour Horse Handling and Care lessons to introduce you to basic care and handling techniques before getting you in the saddle. We take our time helping your to build your comfort level and understanding of these wonderful animals.

Creekside Stables offers an array of services from full care stall board to multi-discipline riding lessons. Our lesson instructors can teach everything from horse care to carefully structured lessons preparing for horse show competition.