Holly Koelsch

Amazing things come in small packages! Holly, although only around 14 hh, is one of our best lesson horses, having great stamina and a calm personality with small kids.

BREED: Paso Fino
Age: 12 years
Sex: ​Mare
BREED: Appaloosa
Age: 22 years
Sex: Gelding

​Registered Name: ​G. Chants of War

Disciplines & Classes

Shadow Koelsch

Mr. Jack's personal horse, Shadow is a sweet boy who enjoys as much attention as he can possibly get. You definitely can't pass by his stall without giving him a scratch or a kiss.

Rebekah Morris

Rebekkah is owned by Greg and Gwynne Morris. An energetic youngster, she is the perfect playmate for Lily. We are happy to have her at Creekside.

Lucky Robertson

The sister of Banjo, Lucky is owned by Dale and Rick Robertson. She is a sweet Tennessee Walker with a gentle gait. 

BREED: Racking Horse
Age: 20 years
Sex: Gelding

Registered Name: Fax Me On

BREED: ​Appaloosa / Quarter Horse

Age: 12 years
Sex: Gelding

Lily Koelsch

Lily has been a resident of Creekside her whole life. Born at the farm, she is full of energy and loves to play with the other horses.

BREED: Paint Horse
Age: 26 years
Sex: Gelding

BREED: Tennessee Walking Horse
Age: 7 years
Sex: Gelding

​Registered Name: Mr. Drysdale

Jupiter Holloway

Our youngest resident of Creekside, Jupiter is owned by the Holloway family as well. He is very spritely but loveable and provides plenty of comedy with his antics around the barn.

BREED: ​Donkey

Age: 8 years
Sex: Gelding

Iron Man Morris

Owned by Gwynne Morris, Iron Man is affectionately also called "Goober" around the farm. Despite his powerful motor and eagerness to be the best performer at a show, he loves children and has a heart of gold.

Sam Koelsch

Spunky and full of personality describes Sam to a "T." This guy, while he can be a bit stubborn, love children and is a joy to ride. He also love to be in the show ring, showing off in front of a judge.

Banjo Robertson

Banjo and his sister Lucky are owned by Dale and Rick Robertson. Banjo is our sweet old man at Creekside. Very gentle and quiet, his is more than happy to just be loved on and brushed down.

Phoenix Holloway

Phoenix is our pseudo-mascot here at Creekside. Most of the time, he resides in our front pasture to welcome guests and passerbys. He is always available for a hug or an ear scratch.

Hank Koelsch

Hank is a recent addition to the Creekside family. This big guy has come on board to help support our English and Western students and show team. Hank is the chatterbox at the farm - you can always hear him nickering for treats from the kids!

  • Equitation
  • Gaited Pleasure

  • Halter

  • Hunter


  • Western Pleasure

  • Ranch

  • ​Horse care & handling

BREED: Tennessee Walking Horse
Age: 25 years
Sex: Mare

Meet our horses

BREED: Tennessee Walking Horse
Age: 4 years
Sex: Filly

Registered Name: Melody's Easter Lily

Greyfeathers Holloway

Greyfeathers is the gentle giant at Creekside. He is owned by the Holloway family and is used in both English and Western riding.

He is also Jupiter and Phoenix's big brother.

BREED: ​Tennessee Walking Horse 

Age: 3 years
Sex: Filly

BREED: Appaloosa
Age: 3 years
Sex: Gelding

​Registered Name: Night Fury's War Chant

BREED: Rocky Mountain Horse
Age: 20 years
Sex: Gelding

Registered Name: Sam Son of Fury

BREED: ​Tennessee Walking Horse Cross

Age: 12 years
Sex: Mare

Jewel Mills

Jewel is owned by Brandi Mills and is one of our seasoned boarders/lesson horses. She is very versatile, being a great ride for children and adults alike. Her gait is smooth as silk when trail riding or performing in the show ring.